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How to Subscribe to Imonggo Premium
How to Subscribe to Imonggo Premium

Access all of Imonggo's features by subscribing to premium with a credit card or Paypal. Read here to find out how

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Imonggo Premium offers more features to help your store succeed!

Subscribe to Imonggo Premium for an affordable $30 a month or save $30 with $330 a year.



Due Date



Every 30 days



Every year

How to subscribe via Credit Card

  1. In your Imonggo account, go to the Subscriptions page

  2. Click the Subscribe button

  3. Imonggo will display the subscription popup, make sure the correct branch is selected and choose your plan.

  4. Input your credit card information and click the "Activate Premium" button

  5. Imonggo will start processing the first payment with your credit card

  6. If successful, Imonggo will display a "Thank you for your payment" message on the bottom right.

    * If payment is unsuccessful, Imonggo will display a payment failed message. If this happens to you, we suggest to try a different credit card.

  7. The branch you selected is now subscribed to Imonggo Premium!

*If the change isn't reflected under your Subscriptions, try refreshing the page.

How to subscribe via Paypal

  1. Go to the Subscriptions page

  2. Click on Paypal button to display all the branches subscribed with Paypal

  3. Click the Subscribe with Paypal button

  4. The Subscribe with Paypal window should popup, here you should select the branch and plan, then click the Activate Premium button.

  5. You will be redirected to Paypal, click Agree & Subscribe

  6. Paypal will process your payment and display your purchase details. Click Return to Merchant to go back to Imonggo.

  7. Once back at Imonggo, you'll see that your branch is pending confirmation from Paypal. Please wait a few minutes for your subscription to be activated.

To unsubscribe, check out our article on How to Unsubscribe from Imonggo Premium.
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