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Does Imonggo support seasonal business?
Does Imonggo support seasonal business?

Yes, you may use Imonggo for seasonal businesses

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We have been using Imonggo in multiple branches, with good success. But our business is seasonal. After Christmas, all branches will be closed, until next Fall. That causes us to ask a couple of questions:

  1. After we close the Imonggo branches, will we still be able to access the transaction and sales data for each of the branches, just for our records?

  2. Next year, when re re-open the Imonggo branches, will all of the previous transaction and sales data still be in the Imonggo system, and will we still be able to access all of the historical transaction and sales data?


  1. You need to maintain at least one branch to keep your account as premium status.

  2. When you unsubscribe from a branch, the data will be kept as long as you are a premium account owner. However, the data will not be accessible.

  3. Please make sure that you DON'T DELETE the branch because this will erase the data.

  4. When you re-subscribe to the branch, you will again gain access to all the data of the branch.

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