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How to Create a Purchase Order
How to Create a Purchase Order

A purchase order allows you to monitor your purchases from suppliers and other inventory sources. Here's how you can make one in Imonggo

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If you want to monitor purchases from suppliers, creating a purchase order is an important part of your daily operations. Imonggo's got you covered with our purchase order feature.

  1. Go to the Stockroom and click Purchase Orders

  2. Click on the Create Purchase Orders button

  3. You will be redirected to the POS page where you can select products, supplier, target delivery date, and input reference and remarks. Click the Done button when you're finished

  4. Once done, you'll be redirected to the purchase orders page where you will see your purchase order with a pending status.

  5. Click the purchase order to display it's information then click Approve. You may also click Cancel to cancel this purchase order.

  6. When you click approve, you will be redirected to the POS page. Finalize your purchase order here then click the Approve button.

  7. The new status of this purchase order will be approved.

  8. Once you've received your order, click on the purchase order then click Receive.

  9. Confirm how many quantities of your order you received and input the quantity that will be added to your store. Then click the Accept button.

  10. Once accepted, the products you ordered will be added to your inventory and you can now see this transaction listed in your adjustments page.

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