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How to accept credit card payments in your brick-and-mortar store
How to accept credit card payments in your brick-and-mortar store

With Imonggo's integration with Stripe you can now accept card payments in your brick-and-mortar store

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We at Imonggo are committed to providing the best POS experience for business owners which is why we are pleased to introduce our integration with payment gateway, Stripe.

Stripe is one of the fastest growing online card payment processors today. While Stripe is an online payment processor, it can also be used to collect payments in person using Stripe Terminal.

For more information about Stripe Terminal, click here.

Before you setup your Stripe Terminal

  • Is Stripe Terminal available in your country?

    • Currently Stripe Terminal is only available in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland.

      We will continue to update this article once more countries are available.

  • What do I need to get started?

    • A Stripe account

    • A Verifone P400 Card Reader, connector cable and power adapter

To create a Stripe account, click here. After creating an account, you can order your reader and accessories from your Stripe dashboard.


Once you have your Stripe account and card reader, you're now ready to setup Stripe in-person card payments with Imonggo. Simply login to your Imonggo Premium account and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Settings icon.

  2. You should now be in the Settings page. Under Store, click Credit Card Processing.

  3. Click the switch to enable credit card processing.

  4. Select Stripe as your credit card processor

  5. When you select Stripe, the Connect with Stripe button should appear. Click this to redirect to Stripe

  6. Login to your Stripe account and complete the on boarding process. You will be redirected back to Imonggo when complete.

  7. Once connected, fill out your location details

    What are locations and why is it important?

    If you use many readers across multiple branches, keeping track can be overwhelming. Locations help you manage readers and their activity by associating them with the location of your branch.

Setup your Reader

  1. Turn on your Verifone P400 card reader and connect it to your Wifi.

  2. In your credit card processing page, click the Register Reader link to display this window below.

  3. Here you can give your reader a label (this will be your reader’s name).

  4. Enter 0-7-1-3-9 into your reader and your reader should display the registration code.

  5. Type in the registration code into Imonggo.

  6. Click the Register button

  7. Once the reader is registered, it will be displayed in your readers.

  8. Click the Save button on the upper right corner of the page to save your setup.

Your setup is now complete! Now we’ll show you how you can use your Stripe account to accept card payments in your brick-and-mortar store.

Using the Stripe to Accept Card Payments

  1. Click the Store icon to go to your store page.

  2. Add the customer’s items to the cart. Once the customer is ready to pay, click the Checkout button to display the checkout window.

  3. Click Credit as the payment type and select your card reader.

  4. Click the Pay button and wait for the prompt to tap or swipe the card.

  5. Tap on or swipe the customers card in the reader.

  6. Imonggo will process the payment and record the sale in your invoice list

  7. Once the payment is successful, you can click the New Transaction button for a new transaction.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully accepted a payment using Stripe with Imonggo.

*Imonggo collects only 0.01% of the payment as a transaction fee. See Stripe's fees here.

Refunding a payment

If you need to do a partial or full refund, follow the steps below to see how in Imonggo.

  1. Click the Office icon to go to the Office page

  2. Click on the invoice you'd like to refund to display the full invoice.

  3. Click the Refund link.

  4. Type in the amount to refund and click the Refund button

  5. Imonggo will process the refund and notify you the refund is successful.

By now you’ve setup Stripe with Imonggo and know how to process a card payment and refund.

We hope you like using Stripe with Imonggo! If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to chat with us so we can help you out.

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