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How to use Transfer Out transaction
How to use Transfer Out transaction

The Transfer Out transaction is used to record the transfer of inventory from the current branch to another branch.

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This transaction decreases the inventory of the current branch and creates a pending incoming transfer at the Stockroom of the destination branch.

Steps on how to create Transfer Out transactions

1. Go to Stockroom. Then under Adjustments tab click the NEW TRANSACTION button.

Adjustments tab

2. Choose the Transfer Out transaction and click the Create button.

Choose Transfer Out

3. The next page will let you record the transaction. To choose an item, scan the barcode or enter the stock number on the search field above to add the product to the list.

4. Or you can find the item from the product list panel on the right side of the screen.

5. Once you add the product to the transaction, you can change the following:

  • Quantity – You should enter how many of the item you will transfer.

  • Discount – You may input any discounts here.

You should already have a product created before you can record the inventory transaction.

6. Once done, select the name of the branch that will receive the products being transferred. You can also add optional details.

7. Once you finalize all the details, click the DONE button.

Accepting the Transfer Out transaction in the receiving branch

1. Log in to the receiving branch, and go to Stockroom and to the INCOMING tab.

Find the incoming transaction and click it to open it.

2. Review the transaction and click the RECEIVE button to receive the items.

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