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How to Create A Product Kit
How to Create A Product Kit

Kit is a product type that allows you to group several items into another single item that has its own inventory.

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One sample application for this feature are holiday gift baskets, where you physically put select items like cheese, wine and pasta into a basket and wrap it in cellophane. You know how many baskets you have produced so you can count its inventory.

*Want to track the inventory of the composite products instead of the kit or the parent? Make a composition instead.

Steps to create a product kit

1. Go to Stockroom, then click the ADD PRODUCT button.

2. Fill-up all required fields such as:

Product Name, Stock Number and Retail Price.


3. Select Kit as the Product Type and include all the product you want to group into one.


*The items you want to add to the kit should already exist in Stockroom.

4. You may fill up the following optional fields to make your product kit more detailed.

  • Description – describes the item in paragraph form. You can add details such as item size, color, supplier and more.

  • Cost – the estimated cost of the item when you purchase it from your supplier.

  • Minimum/Maximum Quantity – just type the min/max values of the item’s inventory. We will add reports that will correspond to this later on.

  • Add Barcodes – type the barcodes that correspond to the product, so you can scan the item with a barcode scanner while selling. If the item does not have a barcode, you can type any series of numbers here so you can print a barcode label for it using our barcode printing feature.

  • Add Tags – these are words that describe what the item is or how it looks like. You can use tags as categories, or a way to sort your items. (The tags feature is only available if you are a premium user).

5. You may also upload a photo for your item. Click the Choose File to upload a picture that represents your product kit. The maximum size allowed for the picture is only 64kb.

6. There is also some Advanced Settings where you can turn on/off the following:

7. Once you finalize all the details, click SAVE button to create the Product Kit.

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