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How to Upload Prices with Upload Tool
How to Upload Prices with Upload Tool

How to change the retail price of your products through the upload tool

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Imonggo allows you to change the retail prices of your items by uploading a CSV file. Here's how:

File Format

First, you have to prepare the file that you want to upload. The easiest way to do this is to download your list of items first, then edit it in Excel or any other spreadsheets program. You can also download this sample file.

There are only two required columns for this upload: stock_number and retail_price.

Upload File

Once you have saved the spreadsheet in CSV format, you can already upload it.

  1. Go to the Data Manager

  2. Select Price from the Data to Upload dropdown.

  3. Choose your file then Imonggo will display the products

  4. Click the Upload button

Once the file is successfully uploaded, you should be able to find your products prices updated in your stockroom.

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