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Multiple tax settings
Multiple tax settings
How to set up multiple taxes: branch and item specific taxes
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Multiple tax settings seem complicated, so we'll break it down gently here in this article.

So how do you set it up? First, go to the Manage Taxes section in Settings > Store. Once you turn it on, you should see an option that says Choose Tax Rate. Choose the Multiple Tax option.

(Confused about the option that says Include tax in retail price? Learn more about inclusive or exclusive taxes here.)

Creating Tax Rates

First, click the Add Tax Rate button.

On the dialog box that will appear, enter the name of the tax and the rate (type in the number without the percent sign). For example, if the tax is VAT at 12%, type VAT and 12 in the corresponding fields.

Then choose the branches where you want to tax to be applied in in the Apply tax to branches field.

If you do not add the branch in this field, then the tax won't be applied there. After that, click the Save button.

Item-specific taxes

Below the Tax name field is an option that lets you Apply tax to all items. If you turn it on, then the tax will be added to all your products.

But if you choose to leave it unchecked, then you can select what products the tax will be charged to. This is useful for taxes that are item-specific, like Sin Tax, a tax for alcoholic drinks or cigarettes.

Once you have saved this item-specific tax, go to Stockroom > Products. Find the item you want to apply to tax to, and edit it.

In the editing dialog, go to the Tax tab and put a check mark on the tax so it would be applied to this item. 

Once you click Save, the tax should already be applied to the item when you sell it in Store.

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